The Knees of James Brown

Yesterday our London office sent me a mini-review of Douglas Wolk’s James Brown book, which apparently appeared in the March issue of Mojo. Not sure how that one escaped my notice, but anyway, it’s good: Wolk’s exemplary analysis of James Brown’s legendary LP contextualises his performance within his own career, the political events unfolding that […]

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Popes and Punks

It’s mayhem here today at Continuum HQ, as we scramble to reprint the only existing biography of the new Pope, formerly known as Cardinal Ratzinger. I’m sure Ratzinger has always been a big fan of the Ramones, so perhaps he’ll be interested in Nicholas Rombes’ new book in the series, about their debut album. It

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Pet Sounds

When the series first started, I really didn’t want to commission books on some of the more obvious albums. But when Jim Fusilli got in touch and explained why he wanted to write a short book about Pet Sounds, I warmed so much to the honesty of his approach that it was hard to say

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Blender ♥ Erik

There’s a 4-star review of Erik Davis’ Zeppelin book in the May issue of Blender, by Steve Kandell. “While the books in Continuum’s long-running 33 1/3 series generally cast classic albums in a personal, anecdotal light, this volume deconstructs cock-rock’s most inscrutable magnum opus as a collision of music and magick. Though Jimmy Page’s Aleister

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No defeat, baby…

At Christmas a few months ago, my Dad cheerfully announced that one of the songs we’ll be listening to at his funeral – he’s 83 next month, but in good health – is “No Surrender” from Born in the USA. That should be fun, then. I’ve no idea what any of the other songs will

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Exile on Union St.

Bill Janovitz will be reading from his brand new book about Exile on Main St. on Thursday April 21st, at 7.30pm. After the reading, Bill’s band Crown Victoria will perform. The whole event is being put together by Newtonville Books in Newton, MA but the event itself is taking place in the Attic Bar at

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I’m a bit surprised that it’s taken this long for a book in the series to consist mainly of an extended interview with the creator(s) of the album in question. Maybe it’s because the musicians don’t have much to say; or they don’t want to lower themselves to the level of these books and their

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