“Reading is a very fresh way to learn”

This is going to be a long one, so I would like to begin this post by reiterating that Franklin Bruno will be talking about Elvis Costello’s Armed Forces at Barbes in Park Slope on Sunday, November 2nd at 7pm. See you there!
More on that here.

Powell’s Books’ latest installment of their Indiespensible program is available and is appropriately themed for the season. The October installment features a slipcased edition with a signed bookplate of Iain Banks’ Crow Road, a CD of original songs about death and dying (more here), AND a booklet of Graeme Thomson’s top 40 death songs of all time from his book I Shot A Man In Reno. It’s not too late to order a copy of the whole package on the Powell’s site.
And, if you are one of the first 5 people to forward me your order confirmation at jmboling (at) continuum-books (dot) com, I will send you a free copy of
I Shot A Man In Reno for your very own. I’ll also burn you an mp3 CD of Graeme’s top 40.

We are extremely excited to announce that Drew Daniel, one half of Matmos and the author of the 33 1/3 on Throbbing Gristle’s 20 Jazz Funk Greats, will be at Housing Works Bookstore and Cafe in Soho on Saturday, November 15th to read, talk, sign, and make some beautiful noise music on his computer. The reason we’re giving you 2 weeks’ notice on this is that tickets are $10 and benefit a wonderful charity.
Get some before they fill up!

* * * * *

Now some messages from your local literacy council… First we have Glenn Danzig on the topic of books. You have no idea how often we hang around bookshelves with our shirts off here at the office. The water cooler is highly overrated.

Next up is Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street.

And finally Run DMC on Reading Rainbow.

For fans of the music video, it should be noted that Mtv has gone and made its whole library available online through the imperfect medium of pixellated streaming video at their new website called Mtv Music. I guess by calling the site Music Television Music, they really want to drive home the point that it’s all about the Music Music. At any rate, that site has more awkwardly choreographed Van Halen, Huey Lewis, and ZZ Top dance moves than you can shake a stick at.

5 thoughts on ““Reading is a very fresh way to learn””

  1. I don’t know which is more hilarious: the Glenn Danzig or Run DMC book PSA. I have some James Brown anti-drug PSAs (not video, unfortunately; just audio) that I will be posting the week of xmas, but they do not hold a candle to these things.I do have a video of Glenn Danzig’s house a few days ago—on Halloween 2008—whereby his house had been rolled, apparently the night before. (I know, I am rather bored these days, what with walking round early in the morning, videotaping toilet paper in trees. . . )

  2. Toni Basil (of ‘Mickey’ fame) did some David Lee Roth choreography later, but I think Roth did the Van Halen – the ‘Hot For Teacher’ vid where they are dressed up like a 70s soul troupe with matching suits. He directed the video and storyboarded it. Roth’s the only one who can dance – the rest are all over the place. But it makes it funny. Genius of Dave. Somebody should write a book about ’em.

  3. Actually, I think I remember reading/hearing somewhere that all of those group dance moves–like ZZ Top pointing at the dude with the keys to the ZZ-mobile, and a number of Van Halen moves that weren’t David Lee Roth doing gymastics–those were all choreographed by none other than Paula Abdul.

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