RIP SPIN Magazine (print edition)


We were all saddened, but not surprised, to hear the news that SPIN Magazine decided to pull the plug on their print publication, adding themselves to the ranks of online-only properties last month.

I was a SPIN acolyte as a teen in those heady days of the 90s, and recently decided to re-up when I was offered the rate of $6/year for 6 issues. Then, as a pre-Christmas consolation gift, I was sent an issue of Car and Driver Magazine to fulfill my remaining subscription. While my dad was delighted, I was a bit dismayed. But the accompanying letter from the editor was so hilarious, I thought I would share here:


By Tanya Leet

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  1. […] Bummer. Magazines are dropping print editions left and right. First Newsweek, now Spin. […]

  2. gina

    That’s hilarious and so perfect… Cars as pop culture replacement – a new paradigm.

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