Short items for a long weekend

I’m only 5 months late in noticing, but the NY Times books department has a nice little blog going called “Paper Cuts.” It features interviews and bits and pieces from the cutting room floor. Favorites include this slideshow of book ads from the “Golden Age of Book Advertising” (who knew there was ever a Golden Age?), and a feature called “Living With Music” which borrows the premise of Largehearted Boy’s long-running Booknotes feature, in which authors provide a playlist for their books. Personal favorites so far are Kenneth “Kenny G” Goldsmith’s entry, and the following from Miranda July:

2) I Break Horses, Smog. This whole playlist thing is a little hard for me, because most of what I’m listening too is reference material for a project I’m working, i.e., private, secret, alchemical implements that are helping me turn my feelings in to scenes. But this song was reference music for an old project, one I finished years ago, so I guess there’s no harm.

…and if you get tired of reading, there’s always the pretty pictures at The Book Design Review. Or check out the AIGA’s top 50 book designs of 2006…not sure why they’re just now getting around to reviewing 2006. Probably a bunch of books missed their pub dates (not that that ever happens around here). From an entirely different school of design, someone just unveiled a new Speak’n’Spell. Or something.

…and finally, a short video about burning down the disco and hanging the blessed DJ:

Enjoy the long weekend…

2 thoughts on “Short items for a long weekend”

  1. You mean that some people work on or around the holidays? Who’d have thunk it!?! Thanks for setting us straight, AKinCLE. Looking forward to more notes about your work schedule in the future!

  2. AKinCLE asks: What’s a long weekend?I work in retail and I’ll be at work on Friday, and on my regularly-scheduled Sunday shift, and possibly on Saturday as well…If you think that long weekends are common, then you probably don’t go shopping, go out to eat or to bars or cafes, don’t go to gas stations or take cabs. Of course, I hope that no readers here require the services of police, fire departments, or hospitals…Happy Holidays!

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