Some weekend reading… and a small contest.

  • We just got office copies of Matthew LeMay’s book on Elliott Smith’s XO, so keep an eye out for that one. Pre-ordered copies should be shipping from Amazon very soon, and your friendly neighborhood bookshop will have copies on shelves, too.
  • We also unearthed this recent review of John Darnielle’s Black Sabbath 33 1/3 from Enough Cowbell. We are trying to figure out what that thing is that’s on his lap in the press photo. So far we only know it’s male and probably from the southern hemisphere. First one to correctly ID it for us in the comments field will get a rare galley copy of the Sabbath book.

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15 Thoughts to “Some weekend reading… and a small contest.”

  1. “it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to announce the final, official list of new books until late April (there are many necessary internal hoops through which to jump, here at Continuum”

  2. So, are there not going to be any new titles announced? What was the point of publishing a shortlist?

  3. TT is also a winner! The male part was easy enough to figure out, but the rockist part was inspired geniusSell Digital Products

  4. The Steve Miller song was from 1969, and though the Police song was released in 1979, that’s the one I was thinking of…So, TT and Nicola, send me your mailing addresses!

  5. The Last Wombat in Mecca – Steve Miller Band?

  6. Can you tell me why it’s taking so long to receive “There’s a Riot Goin’ On” from Amazon?

  7. Nik

    damn, I thought it was an aardvark.

  8. Steve Miller Band ‘Last Wombat in Mecca’? Although I believe it’s late 60s/ early 70s…

  9. The Police, “On Any Other Day”

  10. BZA is a winner! Send me your mailing address at jmboling@continuum-books.comTT is also a winner! The male part was easy enough to figure out, but the rockist part was inspired genius. Send me an email.Let’s push this one step further: Can anyone name a white male rockist band from the 80s with a song in their catalogue involving wombats?

  11. Trust me, bza knows his wombats

  12. TT

    It’s a male rockist!

  13. bza

    It’s a wombat, that lucky bastard!

  14. I’m guessing that John is holding a Capybara.

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