Still Talking About Love

By which I don’t mean Forever Changes (today’s Pitchfork review of the new, new reissue certainly resonates with Andrew Hultkrans’s book on the album for the series), but a little more Celine.

There’s an excellent review of Carl’s book in the “Summer Reading” section of The Mac Weekly: MacAlester’s Independent Student Newspaper Since 1914, the review being written by Peter Valelly. Here’s a short clip:

It may not sound like it if you’re not a total music geek like me, but this book is outrageously entertaining and funny, and it probably won’t take you more than three days to read. And while I personally still find Celine Dion’s music indefensibly putrid, the book may prompt you to think for about two extra seconds before plugging your ears the next time you find yourself in the dismal situation of hearing “My Heart Will Go On.”

And you can read the whole review right here.

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