Stone Roses & 69 Love Songs

Alex Green will be on KYMC 89.7 in St. Louis talking with Matt Distelrath about the Stone Roses this Wednesday, December 6th at 6:15pm CST. Their website is under construction so there doesn’t appear to be an audiostream, so if you’re not in the St. Louis area you might try busting out the short wave radio.

…and over at the Whine Colored Sea blog, there’s a nice write up about Pantone 292 and LD Beghtol’s forthcoming 33 1/3 on The Magnetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs:

“My love affair with the 33⅓ series is only getting more intense. LD Beghtol’s entry on 69 Love Songs just came in the mail and based on my initial browse, it might just be my favorite entry yet.”

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