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As was mentioned in the comments recently, I tend to be a little over-reliant on on this blog. It’s easier for linkage, really, but it doesn’t reflect the fact that the 33 1/3 books are available in a whole range of independent book and music stores around the US. (And, I hope, the planet.)

We haven’t done this for a while on the blog, but I’d love to create a definitive list of stores that carry the series, which I can then compile into one uber-document and link to permanently, from this site. So whether you’re in Kentucky, Cardiff, Calgary, Canberra or Clearwater, it would be great if you could leave a store or two in the commments section below – a store that you know supports the series.

I’ll start with two of my favourites:

Book Court in Brooklyn
Equator Books in Venice, CA (seriously, that is one awesome bookstore!)

Update: thanks for the stores mentioned in the comments so far. Here are a few more:

Horizon Records, Greenville SC
Atomic Records, Milwaukee WI
Boo Boo Records, San Luis Obispo, CA
Book Cellar, Chicago IL
Bull Moose Records, Portland ME
Dimple Records, Sacramento CA
Fatfin Records, Salt Lake City, UT
Grimeys, Nashville TN
Guestroom Records, Norman OK
Indy CD and Vinyl, Indianapolis IN
Repo Records, Philadelphia PA

21 thoughts on “Stores of Note”

  1. Quimby’s Books in Chicago, IL carries 33 1/3 titles, as do local record stores Reckless Records (all three locations, I believe) and Permanent Records.

  2. Shakespeare and Company and St. Mark’s Books in Manhattan, good bookstores both. (For what it’s worth, most B&N’s do as well, but, IMO, Shakespeare carries more titles in the series than any of the chain stores I’ve visited).

  3. Olsson’s Books in Dupont Circle, Washington, DC carries the series, as does Bridge Street Books in Georgetown, Washington, DCThe various branches of Borders and Barnes & Noble in DC stock the series as well, but the inventories are usually spotty and incomplete.

  4. McNally Robinson in (wait for it) Calgary (let’s see if anyone in Kentucky, Cardiff, Canberra or Clearwater posts on here) carries a lot of 33 1/3 titles. I was thinking about going over there earlier this evening to pick up ‘Let’s Talk About Love’ but beer won out. Tomorrow, I promise.

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