Sunday Item #1

Marc Woodworth, author of our Bee Thousand book, writes with information of an event in Albany, NY on Friday March 2nd. In Marc’s words:

I’ll be presenting a multi-media (or at least bi-media) Bee Thousand “extravaganza” at Valentine’s ( 17 New Scotland Ave, Albany, NY at 6:oo PM on Friday, 2 March. There’ll be a randomly chosen interview cassette half-minute, the collective making of a found poem from Bee Thousand lyric fragments using the Tzara Dada method of anti-lyric composition, a full-size anagram contest (prix d’honneur for the winner), and the playing of some Bee Thousand-related rarities. On hand will be some home-made and hand-decorated Lo-Fi indexes that are in keeping with the GbV DIY spirit (the initial batch of these instant collector’s items were snapped up by the NYC cognoscenti when we last read there and sold for at least several cents more than the paper costs on a money-leeching internet commerce site which must, our lawyers tell us, remain nameless) which will be happily given to those who buy the book at Valentine’s. Fans are encouraged to come with a paragraph about their experience of the album which I’ll read to the masses assembled on Friday night.

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  1. I saw GBV upstairs at Valentine’s a few years back (-Best cover of Baba O’riley ever that night as well) glad to see this 33 1/3 -related item is taking place at one my hometime haunts!I freelance for the Metroland, so I’ll try to cover this event if you Marc needs to contact me w/ further info here

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