TG reviewed in Toronto

Drew Daniel’s book about 20 Jazz Funk Greats receives an excellent review, from Brian Joseph Davis, in the current edition of Eye Weekly.

Here’s a quote from the end of the piece:

Unafraid of confronting professional confrontationalists, Daniel achieves a fantastic hat trick — a love letter to an unacceptable band about their least-loved album in a book series that, until recently, was reserved only for acceptable albums. Let the wrecking of civilization commence.

And you can read the whole review here.

14 thoughts on “TG reviewed in Toronto”

  1. Have you checked out the KEXP blog in Seattle/worldwide? There is a guy on the blog named Spike who is doing something where he is reading and writing about every single 33 1/3 book. http://blog.kexp.orgHe's doing two a week, using mostly library copies it seems. (I amazoned the Pernice book straight from his review btw)

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