That’s all, folks!

As of RIGHT NOW, the window for proposals has closed firmly shut. Once we’ve managed to shovel through it all, we’ll post here a list of all the albums for which we received proposals. If you submitted, and received an autoreply from the gmail account, you have nothing to worry about. (Well, aside from the stress of whether your proposal gets picked, obviously…) If you submitted a proposal and did *not* receive an autoreply, please email me immediately, to my work address – david dot barker at bloomsbury dot com – we’ll make sure that everything’s OK. And finally – a huge, enormous, heartfelt THANK YOU to everybody who sent in a proposal. It’s a real privilege to be able to read, be entertained by, and learn from your work. We’ll do our very best to make this entire process as clear, smooth, and democratic as we can, and we’ll post more about the timeline soon.

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6 Thoughts to “That’s all, folks!”

  1. if our CV has significantly changed in the time between we submitted (say last month) and the present, is it worth sending in a note to make a note of that?

  2. Brilliant. I asked the 8 ball if you'd accept my proposal and it crashed my browser.

  3. New proposals: Probably at least not for another year, if that. But looking ahead to the next call for proposals is a known unknown. I went to this site and it said "Ask Again Later."

  4. RIP

    Hi David,I missed out this time due to currently studying a MA, being a freelance journalist, doing days as a B2B editor and erm, learning Norwegian!Anyway, enough about my life and lack of proposal – when do you envisage considering another round of proposals?Thanks,Ian

  5. David: Appreciate the opportunity to submit. I don't envy the task ahead of you during the selection process. Keep up the good work!

  6. Hi David,Best of luck with your proposal reading! I had a lot of fun putting mine together. Approximately how many proposals came in?

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