The album chart (quiz included!)

As of yesterday, here’s the current sales chart for the series…

1. Meat is Murder
2. The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society (gaining on the Smiths)
3. The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
4. Unknown Pleasures (relentless in its pursuit of the Floyd)
5. Forever Changes
6. Let It Be (Beatles version)
7. The Velvet Underground & Nico
8. Harvest
9. OK Computer
10. Dusty in Memphis (sales still ticking along thanks to Jerry Wexler)
11. Electric Ladyland
12. Pet Sounds (gaining fast on Jimi)
13. Exile on Main St.
14. Led Zeppelin IV (neck and neck with the Stones)
15. Sign ‘O’ the Times
16. Let It Be (Replacements version – Meloy about to overtake Matos)
17. Grace
18. Abba Gold
19. Ramones
20. Armed Forces
21. Live at the Apollo
22. Murmur
23. Born in the USA (one copy behind Murmur)
24. Endtroducing… (off to a flier)
25. Aqualung (barely treading water)
26. Low (would be above Murmur if we hadn’t briefly run out of stock in the UK – Hugo, this is being fixed)
27. Kick Out The Jams

A prize for anyone who can predict where in the chart the Neutral Milk Hotel and the Band books will be, by the end of March. (Hint: I don’t have a clue.) Answers to me via email (david at by the end of next week – the 18th.

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