The New Pop Revolution!

I can’t say enough good things about the Dogbox Records compilation CD, Blue Skies Up: Welcome to the New Pop Revolution. If you want to buy it (for a measly 8 quid), you can do so here. Trust me on this, there’s hardly a clunker on the whole damn thing.

Sixteen songs, all by bands I’d never heard of until now – maybe they’re all being hyped to the gills in the NME already, who knows?

It’s hard to pick highlights, but let’s have a go. Some bands you should definitely check out:

Swimmer One(electronic pop duo from Edinburgh)

Luxembourg (discopunk elektropop from Cologne – definitely elektropop with a K)

The Schla La Las (Piney, George, Delia, Katrin, and Hannah – nowhere near as twee as the name suggests)

Bib (East London anthemic-dour electropop)

The Bridge Gang (Franzified Hackney punkpop)

The Bleeding Hearts (A staggeringly good Morrissey rip-off, on “Stars”)

Nakeru (epic, early Mogwai)

Morton Valence (Swoon-pop, utterly lovely)

3 thoughts on “The New Pop Revolution!”

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  2. I should have put Robots in Disguise on this list, you’re right. “Bed Scenes” is a cracking song. Didn’t know they were famous TV stars, too!

  3. Don’t know about the others on here, but I’m a bit of a fan of the Robots in Disguise album.Are you familiar with TV comedy The Mighty Boosh? The two RiD girls appeared as the electro band in an episode of series 1 and the goth girls in an episode of series 2.

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