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9781441146137On August 1, Bloomsbury Academic is set to release Resonances ($29.95 PB), a collection of new essays edited by Michael Goddard, Ben Halligan, and Nicola Spelman (they’re also responsible for a sister volume, Reverberations, which came out last year). “This collection is a massive achievement in laying the groundwork for a new way of thinking about things musical,” says Allan F. Moore, University of Surrey. “It is a study which succeeds as both music scholarship and cultural contextualization, particularly in relation to artists in other media (Ballard, Artaud) and key scholars (Attali, Adorno, Benjamin).” In preparation for the book’s release, the editors have put together this excellent YouTube playlist for the book, with which you can make your Resonances experience a multimedia one.

The complete table of contents and short excerpt follow. You can pick up Resonances after August 1 at your local academic bookstore.

Part one: Noise, Rock and Psychedelia
1 ‘Kick Out the Jams’: Creative Anarchy and Noise in 1960s Rock
Sheila Whiteley
2 Recasting Noise: The Lives and Times of Metal Machine Music
Nicola Spelman
3 Shoegaze as the Third Wave: Affective Psychedelic Noise, 1965–1991
Benjamin Halligan
4 To Be Played at Maximum Volume: Rock Music as a Disabling (Deafening) Culture
George McKay

Part two: Punk Noise: Prehistories and Continuums
5 Sounds Incorporated: Dissonant Sorties into Popular Culture
Stephen Mallinder
6 Stairwells of Abjection and Screaming Bodies: Einstürzende Neubauten’s Artaudian Noise Music
Jennifer Shryane
7 Make a Joyous Noise: The Pentecostal Nature of American Noise Music
Seb Roberts
8 Roars of Discontent: Noise and Disaffection in Two Cases of Russian Punk
Yngvar B. Steinholt
9 Noise from Nowhere: Exploring ‘Noisyland’s’ Dark, Noisy and Experimental Music
Michael Goddard

Archive: Indestructible Energy: Seeing Noise
Julie R. Kane

Part three: Noise, Composition and Improvisation
10 Xenakian Sound Synthesis: Its Aesthetics and Influence on ‘Extreme’ Computer Music
Christopher Haworth
11 Sound Barriers: The Framing Functions of Noise and Silence
Alexis Paterson
12 Listening Aside: An Aesthetics of Distraction in Contemporary Music
David Cecchetto and eldritch Priest
13 Using Noise Techniques to Destabilize Composition and Improvisation
Eric Lyon
14 Noise as Mediation: Adorno and the Turntablism of Philip Jeck
Erich Hertz

Part four: Approaching Noise Musics
15 Noise as Music: Is There a Historical Continuum? From Historical Roots to Industrial Music
Joseph Tham
16 Noise as Material Impact: New Uses of Sound in Noiserelated Movements
Rafael Sarpa
17 Into the Full: Strawson, Wyschnegradsky and Acoustic Space in Noise Musics
J.-P. Caron
18 Gossips, Sirens, Hi-Fi Wives: Feminizing the Threat of Noise
Marie Thompson
19 Beyond Auditive Unpleasantness: An Exploration of Noise in the Work of Filthy Turd
James Mooney and Daniel Wilson

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