The series in 2010

So, it looks like we’ll publish 9 volumes in the series during 2010. Those that have published so far in the year are:

The Flaming Lips – Zaireeka, by Mark Richardson (January)
Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Facing Future, by Dan Kois (January)
Public Enemy – Nation of Millions, by Christopher R. Weingarten (April)
AC/DC – Highway to Hell, by Joe Bonomo (May)
Pavement – Wowee Zowee, by Bryan Charles (June)
Van Dyke Parks – Song Cycle, by Richard Henderson (June)

and those currently in production to round out the year are:

Radiohead – Kid A, by Marvin Lin (November)
Slint – Spiderland, by Scott Tennent (November)
Fleetwood Mac – Tusk, by Rob Trucks (November)

There’s a *very* slim chance that the legendary/oft-rumored Nine Inch Nails book might squeak in by the end of the year – but, who knows?

Slam-dunks for the first half of 2011 include books on Television, the Rolling Stones, Ween and I hope at least a couple of others.

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19 Thoughts to “The series in 2010”

  1. hear, hear… I second "Laughing Stock" !

  2. How about a 33 & 1/3 of Talk Talk's "Laughingstock?"

  3. I know you're already into 2012 but I know the band and would do Bloodbrothers by the Dictators in a split second.

  4. Will London Calling ever be published?

  5. Love this series to death. Too many possible books to name.. way too many, haha, but as of right now, any Beatles record would be great to see. And perhaps Blood Sugar Sex Magik? That one would be great.

  6. What about the Clash book? And any plans for a Husker Du one (please not Zen Arcade, New Day Rising!)?

  7. FNR

    please make a bright eyes book. been around since 1997, thats old enough, right?

  8. I'd love to try and write a Beck book. Next time you guys are doing submissions I'll try to put something together.

  9. Is the Johnny Cash book on the way? Does the Ween guy go fishing? I certainly hope so on both counts.

  10. We've had a few Beck proposals down the years, yes.I'm very hopeful indeed that the Portishead book will appear in 2011 – I know much of it has been written already. As for the Wu book, I fear that one may end up never appearing….but we'll see.

  11. So the Wu's 36 Chambers and Portishead's Dummy (sue me, the mid-90's are my peak "music years") are "maybes" for next year? Or are they unlikely for 2011 as well?

  12. Perhaps, it still on going the processes.

  13. Has anyone ever proposed a book for Beck (Odelay, Mellow Gold, Sea Change)?

  14. Looking forward to those Television and Stones books.

  15. Marc – no, there's nothing in the pipeline. There was a book under contract about that album, many years ago, but the project was scrapped due to some kind of dispute between the author and the band…

  16. Is there a book/proposal for De La Soul's 3 Feet High and Rising?

  17. I am so incredibly stoked for the "Spiderland" book.

  18. You don't have to! It's out.

  19. Can not wait for the Lips book.

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