This is your bloody valentine…finally!

The My Bloody Valentine “Loveless” 33 1/3 arrived in the office today, and as Mat pointed out “it’s got words in it.”
Just flipping through it quickly I came across a sentence about “Soon” that describes it as “the obvious hit single, and the song that weathered a remix by Andrew Weatherall.” A long time ago someone made me a tape with this remix that I pretty much wore out, despite the intro that features a “Here we go… uhhhhh-huh” break worthy of Color Me Badd. Amazingly, the remix still sounds about like this.

It is available for pre-order on Amazon now, and should be shipping in a couple weeks at most, so keep an eye out.

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One Thought to “This is your bloody valentine…finally!”

  1. Well, just like the occasionally promised followup to “Loveless”, I’ll believe the book is actually coming out when it’s in my li’l own hands…

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