Tiny Mix Tapes Pavement review


“At the core of every 33 1/3 book is the question of roping in readers who may be unfamiliar with the band or album, but Charles is able to re-situate Pavement as the everyman band they were during the 90s payday. From tales of major label flirtations (which the band is quick to dismiss as nothing more than random dalliances with the powers-that-be) to the band’s reputation as slackers (which finds Stephen Malkmus tossing aside by pointing out the band’s relentless touring schedule), Charles covers much more than the time period of Wowee Zowee without abandoning the album’s specific importance in their catalog. Part history lesson, part fanzine love letter, Bryan Charles has written a book that is as ambitious and yet as untethered as his subject matter.”

[This weekend I stopped by Steve Keene’s studio in Greenpoint (he did the cover of WZ) and picked up some paintings. Hard to argue with the 3 for $10 pricetag. I kind of want to redecorate the office in a Lakeside Lounge theme now.]

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