Video Vault, Episode 20: Russian Kiss

sochi_2014_mountainsWhether or not you’re a supporter of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, there’s no denying that there is plenty newsworthy stuff coming out of Sochi–before nary a ski hits snow, a skate hits ice, or a lycra’d body hits luge–be it open plan bathrooms, yellow water, unfinished venues, or the alleged dispatching of various dogs. Anyone who spends even ten minutes online these days will well know about all of this stuff.

You probably also know about Russia’s firm anti-gay stance, which has been brought into relief by everyone from Pussy Riot to President Obama. Today’s video vault goes one step further. “Russian Kiss,” by awesome Norwegian pop songstress Annie is, as Pitchfork states, “a protest song and short film” with a firmly pro-gay stance. Releasing it on the opening day of Sochi is, well, just perfect. Check it out below–and yes, it has many, many same-sex people making out in it, so get ready.

And while it’s not a music video, per se, Canada’s Institute of Diversity and Inclusion got into the pro-gay action yesterday as well, with this incredible ad:


Great work, everyone. Happy Gay Olympics, all!

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