Video Vault Episode 45: What’s a Girl to Do?

Happy Halloween! For this week’s Video Vault, I bring you a music video from Natasha Khan’s—more often known as Bat for Lashes—debut album, Fur and Gold. After all, what better way to celebrate All Hallows Eve than with this delightfully eerie (and yet, simultaneously silly) song about the gradual deterioration of relationships? And as Matt LeMay said in his 2007 Pitchfork review of the album, it’s “often a dark and atmospheric record, but it remains playful and self-aware enough to pull back every time it inches towards self-parody.”

I choose to understand that as “any level of earnest sentimentality is okay as long as people in animal masks are doing bicycle tricks behind you and there’s a fog machine involved.”

Definitely read Natasha Khan’s Pitchfork Feature here, because I don’t care what anyone says—this song and I are never breaking up. – Michelle


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