Video Vault Episode 78: Happy Birthday Mario!


Today, everyone’s favorite video game plumber turns 30! Which is to say, blow off your Friday night plans and dust off your NES console because you now have a date with Super Mario Bros.

Oh, and we have a present for you.

30 % OFF Andrew Schartmann’s 33 1/3 on Koji Kondo’s Super Mario Bros  soundtrack

So don’t forget to pick up your copy ASAP! Not to brag, but the New Yorker seemed to like it. You can also read our Q&A with Andrew here, as well as Andrew’s posts on our blog for Koji Kondo Week.

AND if you happen to be of the game studies persuasion, we’ve also recently published a pretty cool book over on our Media Studies list on Shigeru Miyamoto, the genius designer behind The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, and of course, Super Mario Bros., which, thanks to our Academic Sale is now also 30% off on our website!

We’ve helpfully inserted the Castle theme below to get you pumped up and ready for the party.


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