Vol. 59: The Afghan Whigs’ Gentlemen

I’m very pleased to say that Bob Gendron’s brand new book in the series, about Gentlemen, is now on sale at Amazon and all of the other wonderful stores that support 33 1/3.

Here’s the back cover copy:


Gentlemen is fraught with the psychological warfare, bedroom drama, Catholic guilt, reprehensible deception, and shame that coincide with relationships gone seriously wrong. Greg Dulli’s liquor cabinet confessions are chased with some of the blackest sounding rock ever committed to tape by a white band. Hopped up on primal energy, the mesmerizing R&B, funk, slide blues, garage, and chamber-pop strains are tied to a come-hither soulfulness perfumed with hyssop and stained with nicotine.”

To this day, Gentlemen remains as cursed as its controversial narrator, an album out of time even in its time. Drawing on new, in-depth interviews with all of the band members, Bob Gendron dissects the record’s charisma, arragements, and lyrics. He also delves into the memories, histories, experiences, and influences of the Afghan Whigs, most notably those driving Greg Dulli, a polarizing frontman whose fierce pretentiousness, GQ appearance, and gloves-off boisterousness concealed deep-rooted mental depression and chemical depedency.


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  1. Oooh! Ooohh! OOOOHHH! Yeah!And if you don't have it yet, dear reader, get Dulli & Mark Lanegan's Gutter Twins LP. It's both the boys at their best.Looking forward to this one!

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