Voxtrot, Guillemots

There’s a new song to download from the Voxtrot website – as well as info on a whole bunch of upcoming US shows and a DJ set by Ramesh in London on Friday, if you’re in the mood to boogie with a bunch of bowlies in Brixton. (Sorry, it’s contagious.) Note: the download is almost hidden at the bottom of their homepage.

And if you haven’t tried the Guillemots yet, please do. You can still download the dazzling “Trains to Brazil” from Said The Gramophone. They’re embarking on a brief American tour in mid-March. And let’s hope that when the band gets rich and famous, they’ll help the cause of one of Britain’s friendliest seabirds:

Guillemots can usually compensate for poor food availability by spending more time collecting food and extending their foraging range, but in 2004 their capacity to do so was exceeded, resulting in chicks dying of starvation.

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