Our Pride Month Reading List

Explore our Pride Month Reading List

Celebrate this Pride Month with some of our favorite queer icons in music! We’ve picked out four classic 33 1/3’s for you, including a behind-the-scenes look at The Raincoats with Jenn Pelly. Browse our full Pride Month Reading List for free digital resources and more discounted books, and check out these featured episodes of the Bloomsbury Academic Podcast for more conversations on gender, sexuality, and identity.

Pretty Songs About Not So Pretty Things: 3 Unconventional Bridal Processional Songs for Your Wedding Day

We’re halfway through the summer wedding shuffle and if I hear another bride walk down the aisle to Pachelbel’s Canon in D I’m going to loose it. Sure, it’s a pretty song with lots of harpsichord but it’s overdone, flowery and meaningless. Why not walk down the aisle (bride or groom!) to one of these rock classics with dramatic instrumental intros. Add a little intrigue to your ceremony as your guests faint from heat stroke. What do these songs have in common? About 45 seconds of beautiful instrumental bliss! But…