33 1/3 authors doing other things, pt. 3

Phil Freeman’s brand new edited collection Marooned: The Next Generation of Desert Island Discs is in stores now, from Da Capo. It’s a follow-up to 1978’s Greil Marcus compendium Stranded, and includes essays from a few 33 1/3 authors, past present and future, as well as many other fine folks.

Here’s the copy from the publisher’s website:

Featuring original contributions from today’s leading music critics, Marooned is a revealing snapshot of the current state of pop music criticism. A follow-up and homage to Greil Marcus’s rock-and-roll classic Stranded, Marooned asks the same question: What album would you bring to a desert island, and why?

WITH ESSAYS BY: Matt Ashare * Tom Breihan * Aaron Burgess * Jon Caramanica * Daphne Carr * Jeff Chang * Ian Christie * Kandia Crazy Horse * John Darnielle * Laina Dawes * Geeta Dayal * Rob Harvilla * Jess Harvell * Michaelangelo Matos * Anthony Miccio * Amy Phillips * Dave Queen * Ned Raggett * Simon Reynolds * Chris Ryan * Scott Seward * Greg Tate * Derek Taylor * Douglas Wolk

I’d bring Blue Lines, because you could probably make a small life-raft out of the insane cardboard packaging it had, back in the day.

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