33 1/3 in the Press!

With the February release of How To Write About Music, the May release of our books on Freedom of Choice, Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetablesand the Super Mario Bros. Soundtrack, it’s thus far been a great 2015 for us–and things are only getting better this September and October! As such, we thought we’d share some of the good news on our blog, and highlight for you just some of the many fantastic reviews and mentions that 33 1/3 has gotten in the press recently. 


33 1/3 in the Press:


Pitchfork Feature

Pitchfork had a GREAT feature on the 33 best 33 1/3s!



While you’re there, read Evie Nagy’s article on her Devo book.



Evie’s book also gets a mention in Rolling Stone.



Andrew Schartmann’s book gets a glowing review in The New Yorker



Michael Stewart Foley’s book gets reviewed in Bearded magazine. 



And last but certainly not least, How to Write About Music gets amazing coverage in Writers & Artists, Exclaim!, and Off The Tracks


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