35th anniversary of We Are the World

This January 28th marks the 35th anniversary of We Are the World’s initial recording. Originally recorded by the super-group USA for Africa in 1985, this song raised over $63 million in humanitarian aid in Africa and the US, as well as becoming one of the fastest-selling American pop singles in history. Bringing together some of the most famous artists in the 80’s music industry, the accompanying music video is a beautiful, and very amusing, trip down memory lane.

Looking back on this remarkable feat, we sat down to watch the video, and singled out some of our favorite moments. There were a lot. One delightful moment involves Bruce Springsteen belting out the chorus with closed eyes and a guttural howl, sharing a split screen with Stevie Wonder’s energetic high tenor. In another genius duet, Kenny Rogers towers over Paul Simon as they carry us into the chorus of the song in perfect harmony. And look! It’s Billy Joel with hair! Then we have the electric, ferocious voice of Cyndi Lauper, cutting through every other singer, bouncing along with each of her lines. From Michael Jackson to Bob Dylan, We Are the World showcased a broad range of 80’s superstars, and the video is ceaselessly entertaining, even 35 years later. 

Happy anniversary to the greatest super-group ever formed!

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