8 days and counting…

Just over a week to go, if you’re planning on submitting a proposal for the series, this time around. We have 100 proposals in so far – so if you are sending one in, it looks like you have a half-decent shot! I haven’t read any of the proposals submitted yet, but the spread of subject matter is wonderful – can’t wait to see what we end up with. Thanks to everybody who’s sent one in so far, and we’re looking forward to seeing what else comes in between now and Monday 30th April…

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11 Thoughts to “8 days and counting…”

  1. The deadline is actually 6am in NYC on Tuesday morning. Absolutely no later than that, though!

  2. For example, I write from pacific time zone, so my midnight is eastern 3 am tomorrow. Yes, those last few hours to hone and re-read could be important….

  3. Midnight in the time zone you the author are in, or midnight eastern time?

  4. That is correct. Todays the day!

  5. Midnight on April 30th, right?

  6. Done! To quote Joe Strummer: "What a relief!"

  7. Sorry to bring this up again, because I know you have answered questions about it before – but I was darn sure I read on here in a response to a comment that prospective authors could now consider 'London Calling' and one or two others that never materialised (e.g., 'Pinkerton') as 'fair game' for this round of proposals.Maybe I was imagining it …!!

  8. I submitted mine, but haven't received the auto-confirmation. Should I send it again? Thanks!

  9. Me three! Looking forward to sending mine along in the next few days.

  10. Me too – expect another on Sunday!

  11. Hard at work on mine! I imagine the 30th will be like Tax Day!

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