I was contacted recently by someone who’s interested in helping us turn some 33 1/3s into audiobooks. Either they’d be straight readings by the authors (or an actor, I guess), or we’d mix it up with actual interviews with band members, etc. Any interest, if these were downloadable for $5 or $10?

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15 Thoughts to “Audiobooks?”

  1. Oh, absolutely. I’d buy ’em all!

  2. I’d love an audiobook, with or without music. Especially if it’s read by the author.

  3. who’s offered to produce them? music excerpts will probably be impossible because of all the rights involved.

  4. Great idea, great for the ride to work and podcast junkies alike.I can easily see where a certain tunefully fruity online music retailer might package the audio books with the album for download.From my own experience, I’d say that I fully enjoy having my butler read me the books while I listen to album on my solid gold stereo (real gold, not like a stereo from the Solid Gold Tv show, with like an 8 track and quadraphonic). Now others could share my joy.

  5. i don’t understand the appeal of audiobooks in general, but that may be because i don’t drive a car. my feeling is that if you do it, they would have to be done right… it might be a chance to salvage some of the great albums whose books were less than stellar, but then again, you run the risk of messing up a wonderful book with a poor audio companion.i’d start with the novellas.

  6. It’s a great idea. I’d buy ’em.

  7. I’m also interested. I’ve read and enjoyed a couple of books in the series but I have so little time to read. On the other hand, at $5 a download, I would be glad to listen on my iPod during the commute etc.

  8. I would most certainly be interested.

  9. This could be a major revelation, … of course straight readings of the books/copy are a nice, and increasingly more relevant option, but considering the theme of the series itself there’s a lot of experimental upside that comes from delving into audio-presentations. Find the right person, maybe you can do a podcast. Find the right artists, maybe you can add music in the background or as interludes. Could be a lot of new ways to find new readers/listeners …

  10. download – I’d buy them – but only if they were given an extra dimension. Tracks, Artist interviews and so on.

  11. Yeah … BUT … you would have to include tracks referenced in the book. As mentioned earlier, that’ll be thorny to make happen. Just think how much more dynamic the story would be with woven-in tracks.

  12. Of course. Especially if tracks can be included, though that would be thorny.

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