Breaking the Ice Again

It’s been a little quiet around here recently – I’ve been out in California; moving into a new apartment; interviewing people for jobs; and generally keeping busy. Looks like it’ll be just as busy until the end of the year, but just to keep everyone in the loop:

* We’re perilously close to having finished manuscripts for the 2008 books on albums by Slayer, Sabbath, Lucinda Williams, and the Flying Burrito Brothers.

* The Patti Smith book is at proof stage, and is wonderful.

* The Tom Waits and Throbbing Gristle books are at the printers in Canada, but I don’t think these will quite hit the stores in time for Christmas. Which sucks.

* The Celine book is in our warehouse, and is currently shipping to,, and many other top-secret locations. Thanks to everyone who entered the “Celine Prediction” contest (now closed): predictions ranged from No.1 to No.55, thereby proving indisputably that your guess is as good as mine.

More soon…

4 thoughts on “Breaking the Ice Again”

  1. The Patti Smith book will be published in April 08, along with the books on Slayer, Black Sabbath, and Richard and Linda Thompson. Should be a great month!

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