Butcher Boy

A new band from Glasgow to enjoy: Butcher Boy. There are two songs on their myspace page so far – one fast, one slow. They’re both wonderful.

(Thanks to Basil for the tip-off)

Here’s their band bio:

Butcher Boy likes a world where evenings unfold from blue to pink to black to grey. Where cranes tug horizons. Where solemnity is a virtue. Where the height of civilization is resting your head in a loved one’s lap.

Butcher Boy likes the precision of a scalpel and a metal rule. Butcher Boy finds October overrated, but concedes that it is definitely preferable to January. Butcher Boy would trade almost anything at any time to be standing by the flagpole in Queens Park as the light changes. Butcher Boy finds that nothing brings greater joy than dancing to favourite records. These records become part of Butcher Boy’s world.

Butcher Boy welcomes growing old! Butcher Boy welcomes the quietness that it brings.

Butcher Boy likes dust.

Butcher Boy is very aware that voicing these things may be taken the wrong way. But Butcher Boy is fearful of the cool contempt of irony. And Butcher Boy digs the cafe culture.

There are situations you can engineer and better places to start. People framed in doorways. Silent Saturday evenings when the sun setting makes it seem as if the house is on fire. Closing your eyes and listening to the first Smiths record.

These are things that knock us to our knees.

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