Carl Wilson on The Colbert Report (!!!!!!!!!!)

I feel like this has been mentioned everywhere but here, so it’s time to correct that…

Carl Wilson will be a guest on the Colbert Report on Wednesday, March 4th at 11:30pm to talk about Celine Dion, Canada, James Franco, schmaltz, truthiness, and who knows what else.

If you are in Toronto, there is a viewing party going on at The Pilot, which looks like a lot of fun. There will be DJs, live music, and books for sale from Type Books.
Details on the Toronto party can be found here.

The image of Colbert reading what appears to be the large print library hardcover edition of Let’s Talk About Love was lovingly rendered by Ashley Carter at the Torontoist.

8 thoughts on “Carl Wilson on The Colbert Report (!!!!!!!!!!)”

  1. I too was amazed at how he was both physically shivering in fear and also completely smart and coherent. It was like his brain and the rest of his nervous system were working independently. Anyway, definitely deserves a bravo, Colbert may be a hero but he is also scary as hell.

  2. What’s interesting is that he was indeed visibly nervous, and yet he made great points. So, the substance was there, but sure, he was a bit shaken (as would we all be if faced with Colbert).

  3. He was kind of talking about a difficult-to-explain subject to a person known for pulling people out of their comfort zone in front of an audience of millions of people. I don’t think he looked nervous at all.

  4. Okay, I’ll say what no one else wants to say: Colbert “outed” Wilson with his comment about liking the album ironically. It was a good interview, but it was truthful in a sort of uncomfortable way. God bless Carl Wilson for at least holding his own.

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