Daphne Carr @ Housing Works 4/28 + other odds and ends…

Daphne Carr (Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine) will be at Housing Works on April 28 at 7pm, joining Laina Dawes (What Are You Doing Here? Black Women in Metal, Hardcore and Punk, Spring 2012), and Village Voice music editor Maura Johnston in a reading of their works on fandom and a panel discussion about the changing meanings, technologies, intimacies, and authorities around pop devotion.

Also, Daphne has created a website for the PHM book:

Marvin Lin has a nice long interview about Kid A over at Stereo Subversion.

The French journal Cercles on Nick Rombes and his Cultural Dictionary of Punk.

Rick Moody talks with Moby about his obsession with vintage drum machines at the Rumpus.

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