Dream Writers?

As the series chugs inexorably (ambles merrily) (strides manfully) (limps painfully) (hides dizzily) (yes, I’ve been watching too much Top Model) towards the possibility of signing up some more new books in 2007 – but please don’t send me anything yet! – thoughts turn to potential authors. God knows if any of these people would even want to write one, but my dream list would include:

Scarlett Thomas
Mark Danielewski
Haruki Murakami
Robert Forster
Ian Rankin
Richard Powers
Louise Welsh
Helen DeWitt

If there are any people you would love to see write a book for the series, let me know in the comments section – thanks!

31 thoughts on “Dream Writers?”

  1. Bret Easton Ellis… His random thoughts in American Psycho (via Patrick Batemen) on Huey Lewis and Genesis helped me get through that book. He could surely tackle an important ’80s album with ease.

  2. Stephen Chbosky, author of The Perks of Being a Wallflower (the last novel that floored me). He loves music and knows how to write about what music can mean to adolescents coming of age.

  3. I would seriously recommend getting in touch with Dr. Jonathan Smele, a lecturer in Russian history at the University of London. Aside from knowing Russia inside out and back again, he’s also the foremost Daniel Johnston expert in Britain and was the first man to interview Teenage Fanclub. Fine scholarly writing + a love for pop= instant success, no?

  4. If you could score Thomas Pynchon I would sign my soul over to you. You already named another great one in Murakami. I also like the books by musicians themselves–perhaps Bob Pollard could do something interesting. Or Ted Leo–that guy always has a lot to say. Or maybe Joanna Newsom or Neko Case. They seem like they’d have a lot of interesting things to say about a favorite album.

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