Dylan contest winner!

Thanks to all those who entered our rather taxing lyric-writing contest – at the very least, you all came up with entries that were better than mine.

Hard to pick just one winner, but I’m giving the prize to Ric Kangas, for his entry reproduced below. (Ric: email me and tell me which five 33 1/3 books you would like, on top of your signed copy of The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia.)



Folk man playing another song
Blues recorded sessions; “Black City John”
London rock group set singer right
Music sound good, though long night

Still, live guitar played “First Come”
Words between life, yet, get young
Country vocals went old New York
Even Dylan himself released last work

Born again band “Love Record Line”
Early years end world play time
1965 concert, film, recording things
2005; now see bob sing

NY album hit book ing came
Little later, know own part may re name
UK tour great day go down
American people got Robert home


Note: Ric’s winning has nothing to do with his also having an entry in the book!

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