Exile Reissue

You may have heard that the Rolling Stones are reissuing “Exile on Main Street” in May, with all sorts of cool bells and whistles, including 10 unreleased songs, some of which were unfinished at the time of discovery and had overdubs added 30 years later… It’ll be interesting to see how those turn out.

It’s a sensible time to check out (or revisit) Bill Janovitz’s excellent 33 1/3 on the album. They go together like wine and cheese, or a needle and spoon, depending on your frame of reference…though I’m sure all were present at the original sessions.

If you’re a journalist or blogger working on a piece and want to get in touch with Bill, send me an email at jmboling (at) continuum (hyphen) books (dot) com and I can make that happen.

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