For your at-home Pearl Jam session – stream Gigaton now!

It’s been seven years, but they’re finally back in business. Pearl Jam officially released Gigaton last Friday, and we couldn’t be more excited. This self-recorded and self-produced album features twelve new songs, including “Dance of the Clairvoyants,” “Superblood Wolfmoon,” and “Quick Escape” which were all released as singles earlier this year. It’s experimental and creative, providing critical commentary during a crucial political moment. And though their tour has been postponed until further notice, there’s still plenty of Pearl Jam content you can access from home while you wait. 

Of course, you can start by streaming Gigaton on Spotify or Apple Music like we’ve been doing all week. And if that isn’t enough, there’s plenty of fan-made Pearl Jam playlists to carry you through all the solo study breaks, weekend Zoom parties, and Instagram workout routines ahead.     

If you’re looking for a book to hunker down with, there’s plenty of good options out there. But Not for You is bound to be the top choice for any Pearl Jam fan. The only full-length biography about the band, it covers everything from their impact on history to their cultural influence and spans all thirty years of the band’s existance—right up to Gigaton. By the time their new tour dates are announced, it’ll have you racing to be first in line for tickets to the rescheduled shows. 

You could also enjoy a nice throwback to the days of MTV and endless music videos. A preferred pass time and an easy way to get sucked into a YouTube hole. In case you need a place to start, their live performance of “Black” for MTV Unplugged is classic. We’ll leave you to it.

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