Free audiobook promo + pics of the Minutemen event?

I mentioned Joe Pernice’s new novel on the way next month in the post below. Here’s a chance to get a free copy of his 33 1/3 novella on The Smiths’ Meat Is Murder on audiobook. and Paste Magazine are going to run a promotion offering a free download of the audiobook.

How to get it: just keep an eye on their twitter accounts ( and Paste), and sometime in the next week or so the free offer will manifest itself.

Of course, it bears repeating that Audible has a number of the other 33 1/3 books in this format that are also worth checking out.

* * * * *

Also, reports are coming in from the 25th anniversary celebration of the Minutemen’s Double Nickels on the Dime in NYC over the weekend. Mike Watt and Richard Hell were both in attendance, as were many others. If you have any pictures of the festivities, email them to jmboling [@t] or just put a link to the picture in the comments field. I had to miss it, but would like to talk about rememberin’ talkin’ bout…Dick Hell.

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