Henry Jenkins, Eno, and Geeta Dayal

Part One of a two-part interview between Henry Jenkins and Geeta Dayal was posted on Henry’s blog today. Geeta discusses Another Green World, Oblique Strategies cards, and a whole range of things. You can read the interview here.


Part of what made the book interesting, I think, was that I didn’t base the book around a big interview with Eno. Instead, I did a lot of archival research; I read thousands of pages of interviews and reviews. I read dozens of books, from topics ranging from the history of cybernetics to gardening to visual art to British experimental music. I spoke to a lot of Eno’s friends and collaborators, past and present, who were very open in talking with me. I wanted to meet everyone, not just his collaborators on Another Green World. I wanted to talk to people along the entire spectrum of Eno’s life. I was interested in collaborators, assistant engineers, ex-girlfriends, friends. In that way, you create an outline of the person that might be more nuanced and surprising than just going straight to the source.

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