Highway 61 Revisited in Blog Critics

Sadi Ranson-Polizzatti has a nice review of the recent Bob Dylan concert in Boston over at Blog Critics.

“I was glad specifically for “Highway 61 Revisited” not only because I love the song but because my husband just finished an entire book about the album which is fresh off the press and published by Continuum in their 33 1/3 series (great series and recommended to anyone interested in music), with the simple title Highway 61 Revisited, by Mark Polizzotti. Yes, buy it. It’s good. No, I’m not that biased. If it sucked, I would say so. Really.”

Well, there you have it.

1 thought on “Highway 61 Revisited in Blog Critics”

  1. hey, only the truth – the review also at Dylan at Agganis – Tant Mieux> – Note, the good word about Polizzotti’s book and the 33 1/3 series was also picked up by Expectingrain and Google News. Happy to report that Isis is interested in a copy as well – Fantastic job all the way around.The Tant Mieux review alone has seen already, in just a few days, over 15,000 raw hits (RAW hits) which can only be good not only for us, but for the book as well.Great site, great pull-quote, and all for a great book. Truly. Read books, repeat quotations…be well –

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