How To Sell Records Like The Smiths

Some sage words for the music industry from our friend Mike Fournier:

So the irony of the holiday season is pretty heavy (and tasty). In 2011 the model that could have kept the industry afloat is sitting right in front of us in the few record stores that are left, repackaged in a shiny new box for the holidays:
The Smiths.
I’m serious.”

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2 Thoughts to “How To Sell Records Like The Smiths”

  1. Anybody who thinks the Smiths are atonal clearly has never heard atonal music. In fact, I question the notion they aren't completely deaf.

  2. The Smiths are one of the worst bands ever: self-indulgent, whiney, atonal shite. Sorry, but the Smiths aren't a model for anything.

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