Jawkbreaker Week: Day 3 – Video Vault, Pt. 2

Ronen Givony, author of Jawbreaker’s 24 Hour Revenge Therapy, returns for Jawbreaker Week, Day 3 for part 2 of the Video Vault! If you missed the first post, check it out here.

“Chesterfield King,” Isabel’s Grand Finale, Chicago, May 23, 1993. If you want to know why Jawbreaker meant everything to some people, look into the eyes of the kids in the video. (If you look closely, you can see a teenage Tim Kinsella in the front row.) This show took place while Jawbreaker was in town to record 24 Hour Revenge Therapy with Steve Albini. Fun crowd banter.


“In Sadding Around,” Vino’s, Little Rock, June 15, 1993. The band at its zenith. A good friend of mine was at this show, as a teenager. Lucky bastard!


“Chesterfield King,” Capitol Theater, Olympia, Washington, January 21, 1994. In an alternate universe, this song would have been made into a video and possibly redeemed the Green Day-era tsunami.


“Ache,” Mad Hatter’s, Fort Worth, Texas, March 10, 1994. The song from 24 Hour Blake says he is proudest of writing, with good reason.


“Accident Prone” (2nd performance), Shimmy Shack, Houston, March 13, 1994 (mislabeled June 14).


“West Bay Invitational,” Network Records, Dayton, Ohio, March 29, 1994.


“Bivouac,” Off the Alley, Homewood, Illinois, March 31, 1994. Crushing.


“You Don’t Know” (Joan Jett), Foothill, Long Beach, September 22, 1994. Blake tries hyping the crowd up, then thinks better of it.


“Outpatient,” Mill on the Pier, Wigan, U.K., October 21, 1994. Slightly muffled audio that improves as the show goes on. A rare performance of “Outpatient,” with obligatory apology.


“Want,” Nice-n-Sleazy, Glasgow, October 22, 1994. Because, why not?


“Shield Your Eyes,” Tower of London, Leeds, October 28, 1994. Below-average audio and video, but a rare late-period “Shield Your Eyes.”


“Million,” D.P.C., Tucson, Arizona, November 18, 1995 (mislabeled on YouTube).


“Condition Oakland,” Cal State Fullerton, November 21, 1995. Another comically sedentary audience. The camera man seems to lose interest about halfway through. It’s a good thing the band included the Jack Kerouac/Steve Allen sample in their recent shows.


“Want,” Emo’s, Austin, November 25, 1995. The perennial.


“Do You Still Hate Me?”, Masquerade, Atlanta, April 12, 1996. “Hi! Can’t see a thing. Ha. We’re Jawbreaker.”


“Jinx Removing,” Boston’s, Tempe, Arizona, May 5, 1996. Decent audio, for a video resembling nothing so much as security-camera footage. Blake starts out with a parody of what sounds like the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Acid version of “Do You Still Hate Me?” to open. (“Do we sound like a band?”)


“Ashtray Monument,” Old Firehouse, Redmond, Washington, May 17, 1996. A rare performance of this song; the band’s third-to-last show, and a recent upload.

Jawbreaker’s 24 Hour Revenge Therapy is out tomorrow!

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