Letter from the editor: December 2013

Happy year end!

Here’s a quick update before we close up shop for the holidays here at Bloomsbury.

Thank you to all the lovely authors who have sent us holiday treats! HINT HINT

Do you have New Year’s plans yet? Going to just stay in with your boo, drink champagne and then regret it at around 8:45pm on December 31st?
Do this instead: Andrew W.K.’s New Year’s Eve at Irving Plaza. d028a7555214e730d8e473fadb936217

Party with Andrew W.K. in anticipation of Phillip Crandall’s brilliant 33 1/3 on I GET WET.
Out Jan 2nd! Pre-order here.

In other series news, I’ve just received the manuscript for Susan Fast’s book on Michael Jackson’s Dangerous. Think that’s an odd album to pick? Think again.


MJ will have the honor of being our 100th volume in the series! Coming September 2014!

Oh…and did you know you can be entered to win the ENTIRE 33 1/3 series. Click here!

That’s all for now.

Have a safe and happy holiday y’all,

Ally Jane

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