Marquee Moon, etc

A commenter asked about the two proposals for writing on Television’s Marquee Moon album. The proposals are perfectly valid. We did, indeed, have two previous writers under contract to write a Marquee Moon book for the series, but neither projects came to fruition, for differing reasons.

Meanwhile, I’m making good progress reading the proposals. Totally randomly, a couple of my favourite sentences so far:

“(I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but he’s kind of an egomaniac.)”


“I have a strange fascination with the 1954 Hungarian World Cup football team, because communist Hungary nationalised the football teams and then conscripted all the best players into the army so they could play together every week, and that made Hungarian football very odd, and very good, for about ten years.”

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17 Thoughts to “Marquee Moon, etc”

  1. Totally agree with all the above comments.

  2. Anyone who can explain “life in the hive puckered up my night” deserves a book contract!

  3. speaking of the moon,a 33 1/3 is absouletly needed for The Moon & Antartica by Modest Mouse

  4. David, man, this is torture – so counting up from the bottom of the longlist because you started at the end you are at around Leonard Cohen! It’s a mammoth task, but bring on the end of it all …

  5. One or two small typos would not be a fatal blow to anyone’s proposal. The 300 I’ve read so far have been pretty tidy!

  6. Professionals don’t spell “because” as “coz” when they are bitching people out about their spelling, either.

  7. >>>I just re-read my proposal and found one or two small typos! Would this be held against someone?WHICH BEGS THE QUESTION, HOW MANY AMATEURS, HOBBYISTS, ARM CHAIR GEEKS, AND OTHER ROCK CRITIC WANNABES SUBMIT PROPOSALS ON THE OFF-CHANCE THAT THIS WILL SOMEHOW MAKE THEM LEGIT?Listen, Bonehead, spelling counts. But I never met an editor in my life who would toss out an otherwise sound proposal coz of a few errors —and in long proposals, there are always at least a few corrections to be made. Professionals get that. xxx

  8. That is so weird… the capcha word below this comments box is just one character different from the name of the artist about whom I submitted a proposal. A good omen, perhaps?

  9. @scared: I’m struggling here with why you didn’t give it a thorough spellcheck before you submitted it.

  10. I just re-read my proposal and found one or two small typos! Would this be held against someone?

  11. Was just wondering about a Marquee Moon book after having recently purchased a vinyl reissue. I hope you can make it happen.

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  13. In fact, you should number it sequentially with a Richard Hell book so they can duke it out side by side for all eternity!

  14. Hooray for a Marquee Moon book! I, for one, have waited years for it and wondered why it kept failing to materialize. I hope you like at least one of the proposals.

  15. Just had a quick look through the long list to see which album would inspire talk of the all-conquering Hungarian football team of the 1950s. Can’t work it out. Splendidly tangential…

  16. the world needs a Marquee Moon bookdo it up!

  17. If there is a 33 1/3 on Ferenc Puskas, I’ll buy it.

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