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7 Thoughts to “Might Loveless Be No.38?”

  1. Yeah I’ve been waiting on this one, what’s the word folks?

  2. Is the delay of Loveless some kind of ironic comment on the delays of the album itself and any subsequent Kevin Sheild output?I notice that it was originally going to be authored by David keenan. What happened?

  3. i had the exact same experience as molly- whew!

  4. re molly’s post: any word on when the decisions will be announced?

  5. Trust me, as soon as we get the finished manuscript of “Loveless”, we’ll turn it around very very quickly…

  6. Yeah, a bit weird considering I thought “Loveless” was already written and waiting to be distributed.

  7. Way to make my blood flow– I was convinced that the full .gif was going to have mockups of the books chosen for publication in this last request for proposals!

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