New Podcast Episode on Hole’s Live Through This

Looking for something new to listen to? Check out our latest episode of the Bloomsbury Academic Podcast, where we interviewed Anwen Crawford about her 33 1/3, Hole’s Live Through This.

Live Through This is an album about girlhood and motherhood; desire and disgust; self-destruction and survival. There have been few rock albums before or since so intimately concerned with female experience. It is an album that changed lives – so why is Courtney Love’s achievement as a songwriter and musician still not taken seriously, two decades on? In this two-part episode, we explore Hole’s origin and influences, their glam 90s LA image, and the 3rd wave feminist backlash against Courtney Love as she challenged every preconceived notion of “good” womanhood.

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Anwen Crawford is an Australian writer. She is the music critic for The Monthlymagazine, and her essays have appeared in publications including FriezeOverlandand Loops: Writing Music.

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