Present and Future

We’ve just received copies of the brand new books on Songs in the Key of Life and Notorious Byrd Brothers, and they both look wonderful.

In other news, we’ve had proposals so far for books about albums by Philip Glass, the Wu-Tang Clan, Jefferson Airplane, the Modern Lovers, Hole, the Mountain Goats, Slayer, the Flaming Lips, Miles Davis, and Young Marble Giants. Remember, you still have until Valentine’s Day to send in your own proposal.

11 thoughts on “Present and Future”

  1. hello there. been meaning to pitch meself! who do i talk to? been a published rock journo for about 15 years and 33 1/3 is an exciting project. my choice is not on the list – yet. glad to be on board. hope to hear from David Barker!

  2. I’m glad you published that list, David! I’d been racking my brain about whether or not to pitch a jazz album – you’ve never published one before and, judging by the archives, you didn’t even get a pitch do one last time round – so it was encouraging to see that someone else has already done so. Still, I am rethinking my plan to pitch you Miles’ Nefertiti.

  3. Hmm…given what you’ve just said, except for general skittishness and fear, which is best banished rather than catered to, it sounds like letting people know what pitches have arrived can’t HURT writers, and perhaps might even HELP them—say, one was torn between pitching a Flaming Lips record and a record by, um, a band NOT on that list of pitches you’ve received….now, that writer would know that perhaps their chances are a trifle better going in the non-Lips direction. Or that they’d better up their game and write the best damn Flaming Lips proposal the world has e’er seen.Or perhaps you should just do whatever is most fun for you on yr blog and ignore nervous ninny would-be writers entirely….as always, yr the boss.

  4. Hmm, I hadn’t thought of that! Anyhow, none of us here are reading any of the proposals until after the Feb 14th deadline. So being the first to “jump on” a given artist makes no difference whatsoever. Yes, if there are multiple submissions on one artist, the odds will lengthen on one particular proposal being chosen. But point taken – I won’t list the proposals received on here again, until the deadline has passed.

  5. While this is certainly up to you, we writers as such squirelly, nervous sorts that I wonder if pre-Feb 14 announcements of what you’ve already got aren’t going to scare people off. (That might be the idea, of course…..) While I am fortunate that the idea I intend to pitch is not on this list, I can tell you I’d be in a tizzy if it were….

  6. As someone who has pitched before and intends to pitch again–probably closer to the deadline, alas–is this meant to signal that those artists are “taken”? Does being first to jump on an artist in terms of submission time–as long as its before Feb 14–effect one’s chances? (Given the realities of your limitations, I’m intending to pitch an album/band that is almost certain to be multiply-pitched.)

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