Quick Morrissey follow-up

Quick on the heels of John Mark’s post yesterday, Simon Reynolds posted this about Gavin Hopps’ book on Blissblog:

“The best book-length explication of Morrissey’s peculiar genius I’ve come across. Acute when it does address the music, it focuses mostly on M’s lyrical and vocal strategies (coyness, flirtation, caesuras and suggestive trailings away, irruptions of non-sense such as animalistic/Tourettic/comedic growls, ascent into nonverbal raptures of yodeling falsetto), then explores how these particular ways with words announce and embody a particular way of walking through the world; a life stance and ethic. Hopps managed to convince me that there’s hidden depths and often-missed mischief secreted within the later work’s deceptive slightness and can’t-be-arsed-ness. A majorly illuminating work.”

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  1. do you folks have an email contact address?

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  3. I spy a mention of Carl Wilson's Celine Dion book and a Cultural Dictionary of Punk cover as well.

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