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We’ve only just realised, after 46 months, that this blog isn’t the ideal/only way to offer you all the news you crave about the 33 1/3 series. So we’re launching a modest email newsletter soon, which will contain updates on:

* Brand new and upcoming titles

* Special offers on books in the series

* Author events

* Giveaways and contests

* Information for reviewers

* Much more cool stuff, as and when we think about it

If you want to sign up for the newsletter, simply send an email to Claire Heitlinger, the series publicist – cheitlinger at

There’ll be overlap, obviously, between this blog and the newsletter – but it’ll be a nice way of rounding up a bunch of information, every once in a while. So please do drop Claire a line, if you want to be added to her list – thanks!

Oh, and everyone who sent in a proposal will be getting an email in the next 48 hours, and the “short”list will be posted here on Sunday evening, NYC time.

10 thoughts on “Sign up, if you wish, for the 33 1/3 newsletter”

  1. I am pretty depressed after getting the rejection letter (I understand that this is part of the process, but hey, I’m still human), but my one hope is that the album I wrote about didn’t make the shortlist. I still think it would make an intriguing book, and I cross my fingers that there is a chance I could write it someday.

  2. I just got turned down and I’m disappointed that I won’t be writing about an album of great interest to me at this time. Nevertheless, to be treated so well and honorably by a publisher leaves me with a positive feeling. Most would rather ignore you completely.So, it’s back to the world of dreams.LeonT

  3. What the hell kind of attitude is THAT? If I don’t get picked, I’m going to cry myself to sleep and boycott any future books out of spite. I’ll then let the bitterness and envy eat away at me, slowly, for the next twenty years. The last words on my lips will be…”Stupid book series…all down hill…from there.”

  4. Hey David, Just a general thank you for giving us the opportunity to submit. I enjoyed being a part of the process and a part of the community. All the best to everyone – whether rejected or shortlisted. I hope some newer albums get picked as well as tons of old ones!.

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