Some people are liking our book, already!

It’s early days yet, but The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia‘s initial review coverage (reproduced below, in brief, with sideswipes surgically removed) is very promising.


Magnificent…won’t just astonish readers with its detail about Dylan’s work…contains so many insights and refutes so many myths about the rock ‘n’ roll era in general that it’s invaluable as both a reference guide and a personality study – Nashville City Paper

Amazingly well-researched and surprisingly readable – Library Journal

Deeply impressive…destined to be the most important Dylan book, bar none – Gerry Smith, The Dylan Daily

It has wit, opinion, style, and asks to be read, not just consulted…Gray appraises and scolds with terrific confidence…Staggeringly erudite, meticulously sourced… – The Village Voice

Utterly idiosyncratic – New York Times

All you need to know, and more, about [Dylan] – Richard Corliss,

Comprehensive and up-to-date – Slate

Door-stopping detail – The Toronto Star

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