Some weekend reading from the Powell’s blog

As mentioned a few entries below, Powell’s Books is running a buy 2, get 1 free deal on 33 1/3’s, and have asked 33 1/3 authors to write some guest posts for their blog. Here is your update.

The new:
* Highway 61 Revisited author Mark Polizzotti outs himself as a lover of the Moody Blues. (I used to own a well-worn copy of the 101 Strings tribute to Moody Blues! Guilty pleasures, indeed…)
* A Tribe Called Quest author Shawn Taylor on “Who Owns the Art?”
* Exile on Main Street author Bill Janovitz on the Beatles, parenthood, and nostalgia.
* The Ramones author Nick Rombes on Jimmy Carter, the 1970s, and the Electric Eels.
* The Smiths’ Meat Is Murder author Joe Pernice on William Gibson.

…and the recent:
* Editor David Barker on the 33 1/3 series here.
* Dusty in Memphis author Warren Zanes on the aforementioned David Barker here.
* Belle & Sebastian author Scott Plagenhoef on the online release of Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” is here.

…and on deck for next week:
* Pet Sounds author Jim Fusili.
* Elvis Costello’s Armed Forces author Franklin Bruno.
* James Brown Live at the Apollo author Douglas Wolk.

…and many more to follow!

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  1. wow…those blogs are really cool.

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